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We manufacture and source a wide range of industrial products to suit engineering and manufacturing industry needs

Dedicated to the production of powder metallurgy components, offering cost-effective solutions with high precision.

Powder Metallurgy Products has 60 years’ experience in powder metallurgy technology and sintering. The company has specialized in producing stainless steel, iron, and bronze/brass products for automotive and industrial applications. With a production floor space of 2190m2, Powder Metallurgy Products is the only powder metallurgy plant in South Africa and Africa, and they have a staff complement of 45 highly skilled individuals.

The company’s primary product groups include automotive components such as body and chassis, transmission, engine, bearings, and fluid technology, as well as industrial products like gears and pulleys. Powder Metallurgy Products supplies its products to 1st and 2nd Tier Automotive Suppliers both locally and internationally. Overall, Powder Metallurgy Products has demonstrated a strong commitment to providing high-quality, innovative powder metallurgy solutions for a range of industries.


In-House Tool & Process Design, Process & Part Development, Tool Manufacturing & Production

Powder Metallurgy Products takes pride in its comprehensive in-house design, development, and validation capabilities. Our skilled team of engineers and technicians leverage the latest technology and software to create tool & process design, ensuring optimal performance & functionality. With our advanced testing and validation procedures, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and performance. By having these capabilities in-house, we can provide our clients with faster turn-around times, more cost-effective solutions, and superior customer service. At Powder Metallurgy Products, we are committed to delivering top-of-the-line products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations.


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© 2023 Powder Metallurgy Products

© 2023 Powder Metallurgy Products