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We manufacture sintered components, including shock absorber components, sprockets, pulleys and bearings.  If you have a mass production and high accuracy requirement, consider powder metallurgy as a viable alternative to traditional machining methods, casting, forging and fabrication. Our engineers can advise you on the redesign of your components for sintering.

We also specialise in the manufacture of stainless steel sintered components, including sensor bosses, flanges, lock components, and pump components. Materials include 316L, 304L, 409L, 434L, 410L. High temperature pure hydrogen sintering ensures gas tight, corrosion resistant solutions.

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As a leading South African manufacturer and only powder metallurgy plant in Africa: we manufacture and source a wide range of industrial powders to suit engineering and manufacturing industry needs



Our team of experts ensure that we deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.



With the use of advanced technology, Powder Metallurgy Products closely monitors the manufacturing process to ensure adherence to specifications and efficient production of sintered parts.

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Our involvement in diverse industries is made possible by advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment that efficiently produce top-quality industrial products in high volumes.

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Our range of processes includes powder blending, forming, sintering, sizing, steam treatment, and various machining operations.

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Powder Metallurgy: Delivering Precision Parts and Cost-Effective Solutions

Powder Metallurgy Products uses Powder Metallurgy technology as a cost-effective manufacturing process to create complex parts with precision and accuracy. At our company, we are proud to be the only Powder Metallurgy plant in South Africa and Africa, offering high-quality parts to various industries, including automotive, aerospace, transport, electrical and engineering.

As a leading South African manufacturer, we have over sixty years’ experience in the industry and have built a reputation for delivering exceptional products and services. We specialize in designing and producing custom-made parts to meet our clients’ unique specifications, providing cost-effective solutions for their manufacturing needs. With a dedicated team of experts, we guarantee quality, reliability, and efficiency in every project we undertake.

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© 2023 Powder Metallurgy Products